Millionaire Mind Intensive Stories from all over the world.

Ronnie Faden

Das Seminar war der Hammer! Es hat bei mir so viel ausgelöst, dass mir bewusst wurde, wie viel Geld ich schon verbrannt habe. Diese Erfahrung, dieses sich bewusst werden, hat in mir drin so viel verändert, dass ich mich immer frage "Verbrennst du wieder Geld?"

Danke für das Weekend.

lg Ronnie

Basel, CH


Was excellent!!! That change my life als my Friend. I was get a ticket from person which war there vor 5 Jahres, now she has passive income 8000Euro. Next time to Frankfurt a take my few new Friends.
Best Regards

Radonia, PL

Ines Hinz

After I had to wait 6 years before I am able to go to the MMI, I am so glad and thankful for all the informations I got there. I had so many "Ahaaa" moments. And I could clear a lot of these negative thoughts I didn`t even know I was still having.

The energy was amazing and someone could realy get adicted to this. I met a l ot of interessting people.

I am so happy and I can`t wait to go to the next seminar.

I have a system now that can not fail if I use it constantly.

For everyone that is sick of allways struggling with money, a total must.

Greetings and blessing


München, DE

Andreas Basu

What an intense weekend this has been!!! I went fully for it and got the maximum out. Already one week after it´s true: I am a money magnet. Customers asking me for more, even a collegue from the east suddenly was asking me for cooperation, though we hadt hear from each other for years. If you intend to go for it, play full out, even if it feels weird at the start!!! I´m now part of the Quantum Leap Team and feel encouraged by all our team members to bring my business to a whole new level! Andreas

Taufkirchen, DE

Hemma Allmann

It was such a massive and powerful energy with appr.400 likeminded people !
Very intense and i met a lot of new interesting people who can help me grow in my business!
I feel more determined nd sure about my financial path and future !

Wien, AT

Gabriel F. Senti

I was deeply touched to see that mankind are great creatures. It was heart warming to see how enthusiastic we were and how we shared smiles and tears together. Yes, we are still human beings. The candle light is still burning on this - sometimes dark planet - but we keep on fighting, so the candle light can light the darkness and give hope and strength to all of us. Let's become Warriors of the light. Gabriel

Schaan, LI

Magdalena Krolikiewicz

The MMI ist a must! It has changed my life completely. Thank you!


Bojan Radovanlija

I didn´t expect a lot prior to the event. In the beginning i thought this is just going to be a standard motivation event.
But honestly after those 3 days, my life changed completely. The way the content was taught is just amazing. There is so much participation and so much energy. There are many eye opening things, which prevented us from being who we really are. I will definitely come again!

Wien, AT

Marcel Raulf

Being part of the MMI in Munich was an incredible experience! I have learned so many new things about money and my feelings regarding to money, so awesome. On top of that I met great people, shared information and left my comfort zone so many times that from the bottom of my heart I want to say: Thank You! :)

Rüthen, DE

Jose Vizcaino

We make many fun exercises and changed many limiting beliefs in the process. People have many insights into himself, especially realizing so much of it has been from parents, teachers, family, friends, and others that we experienced growing up.

The great thing is that you can change your inner world, which will manifest to greater results in your life.

München, DE

Dilly Shakir

"I am an excellent money manager!""

I can honestly say that attending this seminar was the best thing I did for myself in 2016. I have attended other seminars conducted by my network marketing company and although they are also inspirational, motivational and work on personal development, it was refreshing to attend one that didn't have the network marketing aspect to it but was even more mind-blowing than I ever thought possible. It focused on us and our life in general. An unexpectedly emotional roller-coaster that dug deep down to the source.

As a result, it has spurred me to take action on things that I've avoided or have been procrastinating for months, even years. Things like cleaning out my desk which had been accumulating receipts and paper for the past 5 years.. clearing up my wardrobe.. meeting my financial planner to sit down and truly look at my current financial situation.. updating my accounts. I realise that not only had the seminar helped to de-clutter the negative thoughts in my own mind about myself and about money in general, but I had the strong need to clear out the clutter in my own home to get rid of the negative energy as well!

As for money? I can truly say I have been more aware of all the money miracles that have been coming my way. From more work opportunities; cheques ready for collection; money found unexpectedly... I DO feel like a money magnet in these situations! And I absolutely LOVE the 6 JARS System which is so simple, but so brilliant! It has taught me a way to be able to save yet spend at the same time and be in control of my finances without going from one extreme to the other, which is what happened to me prior to attending the seminar. I now feel so much hope for my financial future.

The Workbook is a wonderful way to follow-up after the event so that we put into practice what we learned. Most seminars seem to forget this crucial step and we lose the momentum due to our short-term memory.

I have been raving about this seminar and the JARS system to my friends and family and I already have a few who are interested to come with me at next year's MMI.

Thank you for bringing such a life-changing event to our shores. Robert and Tim were such a joy to listen to and learn from. Very entertaining! I can honestly say Robert is so far the best trainer I've ever had the privilege of learning from. I truly hope he comes back next year!



Kuala Lumpur, MY

Vivian Li

I would like to extend my gratefulness to Success Resources held this event. I am full of energy and positive thinking after attending MMI course on the 9-11th September 2016. It changed my thought upon bad thing about money and makes me more and more bonding with my money. I cheerful what i have now and move toward to better me. Thank you MMI, it change my life.

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Toon Meng Ong

It was truly an amazing seminar which lifted up my energy to dream for financial freedom.

During the 3 days programme, my friends and I had gained a lot of knowledge in financial management as well as clues creating massive passive income. With the success resources, I personally feel this will benefit and push me further to my limit to achieve my dream. Surprisingly, MMI has created a platform for my friends and I to kick-start our dream after attending MMI.

And now, the outcome of this seminar brought our relationship closer, plan our journey to achieve our first passive income. Thanks to MMI bringing 4 of us together, they are accountable ones, and we wish we will be success people in the future by sharing, discussing, planning and taking actions to try to work our ideas out. We will never forget the experience we went through out these 3 days.


Jason Hon

After joining the 3-day Millionaire Mind Intensive, it has totally changed my attitude toward to the money. I feel more appreciate to the money and my life. Also, I learn to start managing my money and get the secret to reach financially free. Starting the successful journal with Millionaire Mind is vital, and I'm promise myself to take the max action for better life. Thank you

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Yin Ling Loke

Hi there, Firstly, thank you for bringing such a life changing seminar to the shores of KL.
I signed up for it not knowing that in just 3 days, I could change 30 over years of beliefs around money and the activities enabled me to release a lot of pent up anger and frustration around having money.

The most memorable activities for me were the writing down the reasons why I was frustrated and angry when it comes to money and of course, let's not forget, the Arrow Breaking activity. I was a great giver of support and when it came to my turn, I thought, this should be easy. It wasn't. I was paralyzed with fear so much so that I indirectly and unconsciously blocked out the positive energy that my team members exuded, arm-in-arm around me. I started breaking down thinking I had failed already, when I hardly tried! A random participant came up to me to coach me and in that instance I knew that I couldn't let my thoughts overpower my belief anymore. When the arrow finally broke, the energy of celebration was so overwhelming that I broke down even more, this time in happy tears.

Thank you for the unbelievable experience and kudos to the amazing team at Success Resources for giving us participants a smooth experience throughout the 3 days!

Can't wait for the next one ! :D


Elaine Cheah

I always thought having financial freedom is only for the rich born people. But after MMI, I understand that as long I followed the system and start practising the 6 jars daily, I am sure that me too can be financial freedom ! Thanks MMI for letting me understand further on how I see the value of money.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Elaine Cheah

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Joe Eng

Hi SR, Upon these 3 days is the most life changing event that I ever attended.
It make me aware and realised my true path, helped me to face my fear and doubts throughout my life and also assisted me in reconditioning my childhood believes about wealth and rich.

I feel that I have reborn to a better person and know where should i begin. First step is always the hardest, and MMI give me energy to overcome this. I truly recommend to friends and people that are searching for their own true purpose in life to attend this event. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Lourdes P. A. Sandhu

Hi! Millionaire Mind Intensive gave me the answers that I'm looking for. I do believe the phrase ""If other people can do, so do I"". But, why I still cannot achieve my goal that I dream off.

I worked hard and take what ever it is to success. But, I feel like my legs been chain off. I know there's something is not right. And I do believe it is more on internal problem. But, I'm not sure what and I don't know how to encounter that problem. All I'm doing was keep on pressing down the problem and fighting back. I non-stop looking for solutions, therefore, I've attended few seminars before but non can really solve the real problem that I'm facing especially the financial situation which I struggled all this while.

The result after attending the 3 days AMAZING weekend is really eye opening. I finally saw the baggage which burdened me all this time. MMI practically showed me how to solve the problems and it works. Especially the Money Management Jars... O My God... do you know how relieve I feel which I myself don't really understand why but I don't care because it's really good. I can't wait to started it once Tim showed the way. Once I reach home, straight away I do it until 2am but I still manage to come early on the second day. But' the moment I've done it, I can see it is really works.

And I am so grateful because I made a lot of new friends and all of them are awesome. The best part is I have tons of idea about my Beauty Workshop coming on October this year, and I restructure them back. I even get the idea for the following workshop.

O my God, I don't know what else to say.
I feel lighter now. I can stand properly now.
My chest have plenty of space for the new things now.

I am very very very grateful now.
I would like to update the outcome of my workshop after this.

So, my gratitude to...
the trainers Mr. Robert and Mr. Tim.
the amazing staff especially Xin Yi. Thank you for guiding and encourage since from the beginning.
the awesome Management.
I would really like to attend again and this time with my family and friends attending together. Because it is so worth it. And VIP seat is a MUST, more worth actually.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again.
May God bless you all.


Kuala Lumpur, MY

Dieter Huber

One of the best seminars I have ever attended to! I cried tears because I discovered some deep limiting beliefs about money, which I was able to resolve. The energy in the room with all the people was so incredible. I still felt the energy after seminar for several weeks. My financial life changed completely after MMI. I´m going to attend this seminar a 2nd time for sure!

Romoos, CH

Danelle Lee

"I am completed the MMI recently. It was an amazing event with many inspirations and motivation.
The speaker was great in conducting the inspirational activities which allow us to figure out the inner based concern and goal.

The most unforgettabel part will be the arrow breaking session which we could not find it in other events. This activity has allow me to understand that nothing is impossible even though it is something that we haven't try to do it previously. It keeps me remind myself that "" never try, never knows"".

This is the first event ever that will makes me feel like attending it again and again as well as share to others for inviting them to attend it. After the completion of this event, I noticed that the reasons behind of those people attended second time, third time and above.

I will definitely join the MMI again with my friends and family.

Thank you.

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Charmaine Loh

I learnt some new knowledge to be applied in my life after attending MMI especially the money jar systems.Furthermore,I learnt to breakthrough myself and overcome my fears after participating in the activities that organized..I don't have the courage to fulfil my dreams until I attended this seminar..Thanks MMI..

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Yan Ling Wong

MMI helps me to understand that fear is merely an illusion. It is not real and is often created by our own thoughts. I always have a high ambition but I am fearful of voicing it out as I lack self-esteem. I doubt my own ability and I fear of the perception of others on me. The activity of breaking the arrow mirrors exactly the fear I have. When the speaker warns that we have to follow the instructions given otherwise we might easily get hurt, I am actually thinking that it is impossible for me to do it! I fear I will harm myself as we have to use our throat, being the most vulnerable part of our body, to break the long arrow! But with the encouragement of my group members, I managed to break it! And surprisingly, it wasn't hurting at all! It was easy to break if you just focus on...breaking it! Focus on your goals and give it one shot! The lesson I learnt is that sometimes we just don't need to think too much....just do it and you will be amazed on how easy it can be done!

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Sipei Quek

Millionaire Mind Intensive 3 day program exceeded my expectations. It has open up my mind to another knowledge that I am not aware of - financial education. Absolutely awesome experience and truly can change someone's financial life forever. At first my impression of it is about financial management and all about money. But it was so much more than that. Yes it was about money,but in the end, I've learn a lot more about yourself, how I think & act around money, Money have many links to our life, especially our emotions attachment. One lesson I've learned that is that how you do anything, is how you do everything. How you manage or behave around money also help me to see how I deal with other things in my life. This has also helped me to see the many 'blindspots' that I'm never aware of, that has influence my decisions making financially. Another thing that I've takeaway is honouring your money. If you don't respect money, money will not come to you. If you don't like rich people, how can you be one?
I've also learnt that a lack of money is never a problem, is merely a result that we produce from our subconscious mind and habits. At the seminar, I've realised now the root cause that i have attach with money, from there I know what I should do to let these negative attachment to money go, turn them into positive ones. Many of us try to change the 'results' but not finding out the real 'root cause' of the problem that is causing the results we are getting,
Another theme that is shared is financial freedom. These 3 days have made me feel that it is achievable, by using and leveraging on the money jar system, that will help you to build a habit to manage your money. Success needs habit. The key here is to achieve a balance in life & money, because we can have both happiness & wealth at the same time. Lastly, I would like to say abig thank you to the trainers and the team. To those who would like to come MMI but have doubts, with the affordable tickets, just come and experience it and judge it for yourself, what are you going to lose?

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Steffen Carle

Ich besuchte das MMI zuletzt im Juli 2016 in Frankfurt. Ist schon mein viertes Mal. Immer wieder sehr motivierend diese drei Tage. Sehr gut finde ich diese Übungen die wir dort durchführen. Bekomme dadurch immer wieder die Möglichkeit mich aus meiner Komfortzone herauszubewegen. In jedem MMI werde ich besser darin. Dort herrscht das ideale Umfeld das zu tun. Für Menschen die sich verbessern wollen und mehr aus sich machen möchte, kann ich nur empfehlen das MMI zu besuchen.

Stuttgart, DE

Maciek Wasiak

I've attended Success Summit in London 2015, where me and my wife got invitation for MMI. We booked our place and a month later came take part in this event. We were delighted to meet Robert Riopel one of the most fantastic natural and very charismatic and friendly coach that I ever met in my life. An awesome person who's by his laugh, love and care explained us very clearly where the problem is. It was not a lack of money as we had always thought, but a lack of proper knowledge and understanding that keep us poor and keeping the job that was unsatisfying and meaningless. But it wasn't just about money or wealth. It was mainly about purpose in life and taking control. It completely changed the way how we think about money now. And very soon after that fantastic seminar amazing things started to happen in our life and we started to progress into our financial freedom. It has been an amazing adventure which started during this 3 days of MMI. We would like to thank you once again to T.Harv Eker, Robert and all fantastic voluntaries, who help to organize such a meeting. God bless you all!
Maciek & Diana

Warszawa, PL

Eva-Maria Boes

Ich bin immer noch sehr begeistert von MM Intensive und empfehle es bei jeder Gelegenheit weiter. Die ausgesprochen guten Trainer, die Trainingsunterlagen, einfach das ganze Konzept ist überragend.
Schon allein der Empfang, war erstklassig, und man wurde bei allen administrativen Fragen sehr gut betreut.
Auch das sehr intensive Training selbst hat mich meine Möglichkeiten besser ausloten lassen und enorm viele neue Impulse gegeben. Hätte ich vorher nie für möglich gehalten.
Wirklich ganz besondere Gelegenheit, die man einfach sofort ergreift.

München, DE

Ivy Ereno

My first MMI was in Antwerp Belgium in 2013. I loved it because that's when I first learned the jars. I used to suck at managing my money because unconsciously I picked up my Mom's "one day millionaire" attitude towards money, in other words my blueprint and thermostat is set up on low. I actually missed the 1st day but my seatmate shared his notes and elaborated on it. I took it by heart and I can say that now I really pay myself first and am jamming with my jars. I'm growing a golden goose and still following tracks of passive income resources. I didn't really get much of a grip from the 1st MMI and so we decided to attend it again last month and it's a great decision we did. We've met like- minded people who are also repeaters - like us and this one just gave us a boost. The last MMI reminded us to get back at what we left off because we did slugged out and felt stuck again. This time we are back on focus and very much inspired being in a group of like minded people sharing ideas and helping each other achieve our goals. Does this mean we're done going to the MMI seminars? Hell no! We'll definitely keep coming back as T. Harv said, "Learn, Learn, Learn!" Every year comes a different offer -you'll never know what they have in store!

Arnhem, NL

Sonja Große

Ich war auf dem MMi vom 08.Juli bis zum 10. Juli 2016 in Frankfurt. Ich bin heute noch sehr begeistert, was dort ablief. Es war einfach nur genial. Ich kann allen Personen nur raten, nutzt die Möglichkeit, dieses Event zu buchen und sobald als möglich teilzunehmen. Es hat solch eine norme Wandlung in mir gegeben, die ich ohne diese 3 Tage bei weitem nicht erreicht hätte. Es ist ein Sprungbrett für jeden, der aus seiner Komfortzone heraus und sein Leben selbst in die Hand nehmen will. Für mich steht fest, dass ich dieses Event wiederholen werde. Wir sehen uns.

Zwickau, DE

Ulrike Viertmann

Guten Morgen,

ich versuche jetzt zum zweiten mal meine Geschichte zu schreiben und zu Posten.
Ich war dieses Jahr das erst mal auf einem MMI. Dort hingekommen bin ich durch einen Menschen den ich auf einer anderen Veranstaltung kennengelernt habe und der mir sagte das müsste ich einfach mal besucht haben,das ist toll.
So, gesagt getan ich habe mich für Frankfurt angemeldet. VIP Ticket habe ich genommen . Die Übersetzung habe ich gebraucht , da mein Englisch nicht gut ist und ich sonst ja nicht klar gekommen wäre. Leider verstehe ich die DVD´s nicht. Eins kann ich vorab sagen die Sprache ist kein Hindernis. Die Übersetzung ist super . Kompliment an die Übersetzer. Die Sprache sollte wirklich keinen hindern daran teilzunehmen.
Ja, und dann diese dreitägige Veranstaltung . Super!!!!!! Ich war überwältigt . Einfach toll man kann es alles nicht in Worte fassen, man muss es erlebt haben.
Die Gruppendynamik , das Zusammenarbeiten das reden mit den vielen Menschen und die Zusammengehörigkeit .
Die Dinge die wir erarbeitet haben, oh was da alles so hochkommt man glaubt es nicht . Es wirkt immer noch nach :)
Alles auf einmal umsetzten kann ich nicht , aber sehr beeindruckt hat mich schon mal das Topfsystem das uns gezeigt wurde. Das ist einfach genial und sehr verständlich . Ich kann Haushalten, sonst wäre ich die ganzen Jahre nicht klar gekommen. Also ich bin auch nach dem MMI wo wir uns in Gruppen aufgeteilt haben ein absoluter Sparer. Ja, und ich muss sagen mir hat der Funtopf gut gefallen und das uns gesagt wurde wir müssen ihn jeden Monat ausgeben.
Ich bin zu Hause angekommen und habe mein Geld aufgeteilt, obwohl der Monat schon angefangen hatte.
Ja, und ihr glaubt es nicht ich habe meinen Funtopf nach kurzer Zeit für mich und etwas besonderes ausgegeben. Es hat mächtig Spaß gemacht.
Ich konnte mich wahrscheinlich weil ich Sparer bin nicht so schnell entschließen weitere Seminare zu buchen, aber ich werde noch welche machen.
Nach diesem tollen Wochenende wurde ich gefragt was ich gemacht hätte ich wäre so gut drauf... Ja, das waren die Auswirkungen vom MMI. Eine Freundin habe ich die würde gerne mit mir auch ein MMI besuchen. ;)
Ich kann es jedem empfehlen . Begeistert hat mich auch das man in der Veranstaltung Menschen jeder Altersgruppe findet. Weiterbildung von jung bis..... Also jeder ist für sich verantwortlich und sollte immer etwas für sich und seine Weiterbildung tun...
Ganz liebe Grüße auch an das Team die mir schnell geholfen haben . Da ich ja das VIP Ticket hatte , früh da war und kein Platz da war. Es könnte ein kleines bisschen anders organisiert werden. Das ist die einzige Anmerkung die ich habe.
Danke für die schönen Tage und für das was ich mitnehmen konnte ;)

Beste Grüße Ulrike

Steinrode, DE

Johannes Ruck

My experiences for MMI is to share my new Startup Idea for all over the world.
I want to make the people of the world more healthier.
I want to build my Startup in Munich and the name is Food-Match.
It goes about personalized nutritions.

More in the MMI.

See you there!

Sulzdorf an der Lederhecke, DE

Roger Seyler

Meine Erfahrung mit dem MMi waren und sind hervorragend. Alles hat meine Erwartungen um Längen übertroffen. Auch die Übersetzung ins Deutsche war sehr gut und somit kann jeder, der der englischen Sprache nicht so mächtig ist, auch super folgen und die Wirkung voll genießen.
Ich bin nach den drei Tagen geschwebt und auch drei Wochen danach führe ich Übungen, von dem MMI, durch. Ich glaube fest an eine positiven Einfluss vom MMI und mit großer Sicherheit werde ich auch andere Kurse von den Jungs buchen.
Ich habe schon lange keine Veranstlatung mehr empfohlen Diese empfehle ich nicht nur, sondern setzte sie als muss für jeden der an sich arbeitet und sein nächstes Level erreichen möchte.
Daumen hoch für den MMI

Linsengericht, DE

Sonja Scharl

I visited MMI Berlin in October 2015. This was a great experience. It chanced my life completely.
The content was fabulous and Marcus de Maria is an awesome trainer. On these three days, I have learned more about the perfect handling of money, as in the 35 previous years. Now I fill my jars every month, and my golder goose goes bigger and bigger. I am so grateful that I was able to attend this seminar. I recommend to anyone who wants to change something about his financial situation, to participate even once on a MMI!

Steinrode, DE

Gabriela Meszarosova

I attended MMI IN FRANKURT/Germany. Before MMI if somebody would tell me it will change your life I wont believe it. But that became reality!!! It really changed my life. I came to MMI and i was like: ok, am not going to stand or talk in front of the people. After half day on MMI i started jumping, hugging, dancing on a stage. It really changed my life. I became better and stronger human being. I am more confident. Even in my bussiness am more succesfull. I started growing as a person! And i just reaaaaaally love it! Thank u for changing my life! And thank you for MMI!! THANK YOU

Komárno, SK

Christina Dr. Watson

Before I attended the MMI I´ve lost something I knew I had years ago - my sparkle. I couldn´t find it myself and I was hoping the MMI seminar might be worth a try to start searching for it. But what happened on those 3 days completely changed my life. After the first day, I started to feel the strength inside of me again, the 2nd day, I was highly motivated, 100% happy and positive and the third day... my absolute favorite! I wasn´t broke, I wasn´t obviously unhappy, I wasn´t even in business or economy... I am a post-doctoral researcher in my field of expertise. After the MMI I´ve got a very clear vision of what I want out of my life and I couldn´t wait to get started. And believe it or not... I´ve started just a few hours later using everything I´ve learned and it WORKED. It´s 3 weeks now I´ve attended the MMI and my life has transformed to an absolute positive... I am full of strength and happiness, I have so much energy that I´m using for creating my ultimate life plan. The feedback of my environment is amazing and because my dreams are my vision, and my vision has an action plan... people around me are supporting me in my life project. I can highly recommend this seminar to you. It will change your life forever. Don´t doubt, experience it for yourself. It doesn´t matter where you are in your life right now. This seminar helps you to create the ultimate life you´ve always wished for! Don´t think, do it!

Paderborn, DE

Gabriele Perrone

It's been incredibile. When you come back from MMI you'll not be the same ! In MMI i start to change, and following the instruction from MMI after 8 month i'm earning 8 times more than november ! It's wonderful, thanks, thanks,THANKS

Ladispoli, IT

Werner Berger

The profound breakthrough experience I had at the recent MMI in Philadelphia left me wanting more! For years, as a corporate leadership consultant and recent Guinness World Records holder, I have been well aware of the immense power of Self-Talk (our internal conversation). It took this MMI to help me integrate my cognitive knowing, into really KNOWING, at a deep and possibly even cellular level. What I got, clarity that every one of my experiences in life is, and has been, determined by my own perspective - relative to every situation. And of course, my perspective is determined by my beliefs - not by 'me.' I have known, cognitively at least, ALL my beliefs were learned and internalized in the past and that not all my beliefs reflect reality! The shift came from experiencing (yes, experiencing not simply knowing) my past no longer needs to dictate my future. With this I now really am in control!.

Mississauga, CA

Elaine Mohan Anthony

I first experienced MMI in Singapore back in 2010 with T Harv Eker himself .It was a mind blowing experience
The energy of the crowd was amazing. I was on a whirlwind of emotion.. I had to revisit my childhood which means it brought back pleasant and not so pleasant memories of the past. Through this event I learnt how these childhood memories had affected the way I managed my monies.. I even got my brothers to attend this event and MMI really helped them to run our family business better
Its definitely an event not to be missed. Many lives were changed through this event.. let it be yours☺

Balingian, MY

Magdalena Krolikiewicz

I realized which incidents in my childhood influenced me and created a negative attitude towards luxury and fortune.

Halberstadt, DE

Robert Mares

This MMI got me really in to action, to start the JAR system so i finally start again managing my money. The sunday afternoon exercise to break through fear had a great impact.
Further i got a lot of new people around me with positive vibes!

So if you think about going: GO. it will change your life!

Voorhout, NL

Nick Dirksen

It was great meeting so many like-minded and enthusiastic people. The seminar really gave me some good ideas and the right mind-set for success and action. Thanks!

Zuidlaren, NL

Sebastian Wiß

Hey Guys! Since the beginning of this year im really into business ideas, growing Knwoledge and pushing yourself.
Ive heard so much impressive results from the MMI Events and really need to particitpate myself.

München, DE

Camila Verweij-Westerhuis

story: Hello to who is reading this,
Just wanted to say thank you to Marcus, Stefan and the whole cast!
Last weekend was AMAAAZING awesome!
I had a lil business and didn't had much confidence in myself.
But now WOW, I have changed so much! Taking actions in my life. Not afraid anymore. No more anger.
Asked a friend to make a website and she's busy with it.
other friend made my logo.
I'm a make up artist and love what I do and the reactions of the ladies are priceless.
Thank you all for that kick under my butt that I needed to follow my dreams!
My relationship with my husband changed and didn't know that our relationship could get any better.
My oldest daughter has open up and talks so much more.
I'm so happy and gratefull for the people that I have in my life and let them know that they mean a lot to me.
Made a page here on Facebook. YEaaaah...taking action! words can describe how thankfull I am for you all.
Again Thank you MMI Team!

And for the ones who are doubting, please don't. If you are not happy where you are right now just go to the MMI event. What do you have to loose? It will be mindblowing! You have my word on that!

Amsterdam, NL

Jen Mendez

The energy and the connections with great people were the main takeaways for me. I learned few things, and I am convinced that once they applied they will make a big difference. You are in for some surprises if you go regardless of your previous experiences and millions you own :)

Amsterdam, NL

Maringa Emons

This was my firtst MMI ever and what an experience! I loved the energy, the way the training is set up and the interaction with the audience! It challenged me to step outside my comfortzone and do things I never imagined possible. I highly recommend the MMI to anyone interested in personal growth, financial freedom and owning a business.

Hilversum, NL


In Millionaire Mind Intensive New York City, Long Island , I learned that in order to move forward and make millions become independent Financial, I need to focus in outcome and take actions toward my goal instead of just focusing on my obstacles, because challenges will always be there BUT the BREAKTHROUGH always come when I focus in the outcome toward my results not my today problems or circumstances ,,,,,,life trow in my way of SUCCESS. I learn that from the Breakthrough exerciser we did , which I was scare to death to even try to do it before, because I was thinking that its gonna a damage my tron and I will may never speak or sing again.. and believe me I LOVE TO SING & DANCE. So, that exerciser what beyond of being a BIG DEAL to ME. THANK YOU. COME BACK AGAIN IN NEW YORK CITY. WE LOVE YOU. PEACE.